Situationships. I think we’ve all been in one at some point in time.. I know I’ve been in a situafew over the past several years. Obviously if you look up situationship in the dictionary, you won’t find anything — it’s one of our made up words like ‘selfie‘ and ‘on fleek‘. I think of a situationship as a ‘let’s just chill, let’s have sex’ type of relationship; your attraction towards the other person is mostly on a physical level. You may start to have feelings/emotions towards them, but it will never blossom into an actual relationship.

“We live in a generation of not being together, but we sure make it feel like we’re together” – Drake

So how do we end up in these situations? Its easy really, especially this day in age. Guys don’t want to go out on dates anymore and truly get to know a girl, they just want to Netflix & chill. Or they just want to smoke and chill. This is what our [my] generation considers dating. HA! This whole “no strings attached” thing is so common nowadays. It’s the modern day relationship.. the “he’s my boyfriend but not really” type of relationship.

How do you know if you’re in a situationship? It’s not always easy to tell right away. A few telltale signs are:
» You never go out on dates, you only hang out at each others house
» You haven’t met his friends yet, and vise versa
» You don’t have a title. He’s not quite your boyfriend, but he’s more than a friend.
» Neither of you dates other people… but he’s still not your bf
» Texting is your main form of contact. No “good morning” or “how was your day”, though. It’s usually superficial conversation and planning your next hook up

Nothing is wrong with being in a situationship if that’s what you want right now. Not everyone is ready to settle down and have a serious relationship yet, and that’s ok! But make that clear with the other person, be up front about it so you don’t end up wasting their time.


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