There’s Nobody Like Him

You know that feeling you get when you talk about something that you really love? For example, a new car. You get a new car and you’ll tell anyone who will listen about how great it is, how fast it drives, how much of an upgrade it is, etc. That’s how I feel about my God; I love to brag about Him to anybody with open ears! I love to tell people how He has blessed me, how He answers my prayers, and how He never fails to amaze me!

When you put your faith in Him, you see what He is capable of. You start to realize that certain plans didn’t quite go the way you wanted them to, because His plans were much bigger and better. You begin to understand that when you put something in God’s hands, He will make more of it than you ever could have imagined! I can’t tell you these things based on what I “heard” from other people, but rather what I have experienced first hand.

He is a provider, and He is able. I don’t know anyone else who can make a way out of no way like He does. Whatever you stand in need of, just know that we serve a God who always provides. And all He asks in return? Simply for us to have faith and trust Him. We ask God for prosperity, but He does not reward us until we take that leap of faith and trust Him. For God I live and for God I die. Once you open your heart and trust God with the very thing you are willing to die for, you will see Him answering your prayers and showering you with blessings!

But not only is God able, He is loving and forgiving as well. I can’t count how many times He has forgiven me, and then gave me chance after chance, even when I didn’t deserve it. That’s how unconditional His love is. Know that no matter what you do or how far you might stray, He will never turn His back on you. Jesus died on the cross for us, which is why we repent our sins and try to be a better person for Him. Many of us think in order for God to bless us & use us for greatness, that we need to have everything together; but that is hardly the case, you don’t need to have it all together. All God asks is that we have something, anything, that He can take and use unto His glory!


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