6 Life Lessons That Stuck With Me

Every single obstacle we face in life teaches us something new. Personally, I love when an experience teaches me a lesson, however I know that not all of these experiences will be pleasant. I mean I went through a bad break up when I first started college.. and although I was heartbroken and a hot ass mess for a few weeks/months (LOL), I learned a lot from the experience and the pain!

These are just a few key things that life has taught me in my 22 years of being.

Don’t fall victim to your circumstances. Life is 20% what happens to us, and 80% how we react to it. Everyone is going to face set-backs in life, but how we deal with them determines our fate. Ok, so you didn’t get the promotion at work that you’ve been busting your butt for.. it sucks but are you gonna sit and dwell on it for weeks, or are you gonna let it motivate you to go even harder? The choice is yours!

Self love is the BEST love. Seriously! Once you truly fall in love with your flaws & learn to love yourself the way God loves you, you will realize how tough your skin really is. Nothing anyone could ever say can break you down or make you question your self worth. Jhene Aiko said “I love me enough for the both of us,” and while that one line has so many different meanings, I break it down to this: I love me enough to choose me. I love me enough to choose myself over anything/anyone that isn’t good for me.

Be your own happiness. aka don’t put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket! Because once they are gone, you’re left with nothing. If you’re not happy within, how can you find happiness somewhere else?

Life is happening… whether you’re ready or not. the world doesn’t stop spinning; regardless of the loss of a loved one, getting laid off from a job, or any other unforeseen circumstances. Time keeps going, and you have to pick up the broken pieces! Nobody said it will be easy, and we all heal at our own pace. Just remember, even when your own little world is frozen, the outside world is still happening.

Take responsibility. You are the only person accountable for your actions. “It wasn’t my fault” & “you made me do it” is for 2nd graders. At 21, heck even at 16, nobody can make you do anything you don’t want to do. Point blank. You are responsible for what you say and what you do.

You reap what you sew. aka what you put in is what you get out. I don’t wish bad on anyone, but you can’t just treat people like crap and then expect to live happily. So I guess I should’ve said KARMA. What goes around comes around!


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