WHAT IS SOIS HEUREUX? Sois Heureux is the literal translation of be happy in French. And that is truly my number one goal in life; to be happy. Happy with my job, my friends and family, and most importantly.. happy with myself. Happiness starts within!

WHO AM I? I am Monique: a God-fearing daughter, sister, and friend. Overall, I am your average 22 year old exploring life and all the wonderful things it has to offer! I am currently taking a break from school, while I aim to discover my true passion(s) in life. Writing happens to be one of those, I think of it as a creative way to express my thoughts. I’m somewhat shy, so having a blog is definitely out of my comfort zone. However, I know great things don’t grow in a comfort zone!

MY PURPOSE I plan to use Sois Heureux as a platform to discuss various topics such as self love, personal growth, friendships, relationships, spirituality, lifestyle, and current topics. I hope you stick around on this exciting, new journey with me!


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